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We are conveniently located in Chicago’s Loop at 201 W Lake St Chicago, IL 60606.

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We are Chicago’s BEST & Most Trusted source when looking for Chicago Escorts and  Chicago’s sexiest adult entertainers .

We servicie both , the city and suburbs of Chicago, IL .

All of our Chicago escorts always adhere to the highest standards and comply with all federal, state, and local laws . We will not engage in , consider , promote and/or entertain any illegal activity or  activities of any kind whatsoever .

We request that All visitors to our website be at least 21 years old before viewing any of our Chicago Escorts . For more information and details about any Chicago escort please do not hesitate to contact us at .

All of our Chicago Escorts are of legal age … that being at least 18 years of age. Proof of legal age is available upon request via email.

Now that we have all of the boring and legal requirements out of the way ….

Welcome to Chicago City Escorts !

We are the oldest & most exclusive Chicago Escort Service , and we have been proudly servicing the Chicago Metropolitan Area since 1978!

Keeping your Secrets … Secret !

Privacy and Discretion are Always guaranteed !!!


Discretion is one of the most important things that an escort service does , especially one like Chicago City Escorts . This is Why … you want to do business with someone like us . An escort agency like ours … one with an impeccable reputation and a long standing history is like an AAA Rated insurance policy that keeps you safe and protected . This goes for Celebrities and “Regular Joes” alike . It does not matter ! We will talk more about this later , as we explain this and many of the other important things that we do . This is a big part of our Guarantee to you , and rest assured that when you Do business with us , No One will ever know your Secrets , not ever ! You won’t get this kind of commitment from an escort service anywhere else in the world . In today’s digital age this is more important than ever !

All Credit Card transactions are discreetly billed.  Also , all of our customers personal and billing info are kept private ! We now utilize ultra secure platforms to process all credit card transactions . This Allows to to process your credit card without ever seeing or having access to your credit card or credit card number .

How cool is this !

This is just another layer of security the ensures your privacy and integrity . We are 110% committed to making everything about what we do Safe , Secure and Easy , and we do .
Since 1978 Chicago City Escorts has never failed to keep our customers information private !


Our large selection of Chicago escorts are all handpicked for their beauty , charm and professional skills . Each and every Chicago escort is well versed in the Art of Entertaining Gentlemen ! Our professionally trained staff , as well as each and every one of our gorgeous courtesans works really hard to provide all of our customers in greater Chicagoland area with The Best Adult Entertainment experience available anywhere in the world !

Your  Chicago Escort options are many . We offer all different types of gorgeous ladies from all over the world ! They include Caucasian escorts, Black female escorts , Spanish escorts , Latin escorts, Russian female escorts, Asian female Escorts , European escorts , Ethnic female escorts , redhead escorts , brunette escorts , blonde escorts , petite escorts , busty escorts , full-figured escorts , and DD escorts . We have almost anything you could ever want in a female escort or model .

At Chicago City Escorts we welcome your business, and look forward to providing you with a very special , one-of-a-kind , 1st Class Entertainment experience.

*** VIP … Remember ! ***

Entry to Chicago City Escort’s website assumes adherence to all state , local and federal laws on the part of the visitor ; therefore , We expect all visitors to our web site to abide by all state , local and federal laws at all times .

You may ask yourself . Why choose Chicago City Escorts ?

It’s Simple really .

We call it the ….

Chicago City Escorts Guarantee !

What is the …

Chicago City Escorts Guarantee ? 

     Have a Great Time !

In the words of our infamous owner , TomKat ,

” You can take that to the Bank ” !

So , remember ! Here at Chicago City Escorts it’s all about the experience . Here we develope relationships with people , who become our friends , our family , not just a customer . So, it matters not who you are, or where you are from . If we do business , you will become part of our Family !  When you are part of the Chicago City Escorts Family , we will treat you like Family , and Family is just not anyone ! They are special , and we promise to treat you that way each and every time you call . This philosophy is what also makes us special . That is what makes us different from other services , but treating you like family is just one of the things that makes us , Chicago City Escorts unique and quite possibly , the Best escort service in the entire Chicagoland area . How can we say that you ask ? Well , we don’t ! Our customers do , and if you want proof , just check out the numerous escort reviews and customer feedback on our Escort Reviews and Blog Page . We will talk more about this later , but back to the issue at hand .

What makes us different ? Well , that is a Great Question , so let’s talk more about the …

So , what are you waiting for ?

Make the call !

Dial … 312-332-0022 now !

And do not forget  …

Ask one of our escort agency operators about …

New Customer & Multi-hour Discounts !

Check out our Chicago City Escorts Blog and Reviews Page . As we stated previously,  You will find useful tips and up to date information about the escort industry as whole . You will also find Reviews from many of our customers on their experience with Chicago City Escorts , as well as reviews on many of the Chicago Escorts that work here . The customer reviews are very insightful , and will only help you make better decisions when it comes to choosing an escort and escort service , no matter where you are .  The more information that you have , will undoubtedly make your future endeavors in the world of adult entertainment … all the more pleasant ! That is … if you use the information ! TomKat has a saying … Information is Knowledge , and Knowledge is Power ! But only if you act on the information ; otherwise , it’s worthless !

Chicago City Escorts has almost 40 years of experience , and a customer base that spans the globe !

There is Good Reason why Chicago City Escorts have been voted  Chicago’s Best Escort Service for the last 10 years running !

All of the different customer reviews will give their reasons why we are #1 , but why don’t you see for yourself … why it is … that the one and only TomKat and his escort service is often imitated … but never duplicated . 

The Bottom Line :

Whether or not you do business with Chicago City Escorts is not important ! What is important that whenever you do business with an escort service  …

You Have a Good Time !

 Everything  we do here at Chicago City Escorts is designed to do just that … Make sure you Have Fun , and Keep you Safe while you do it !!!

So … we are going to say it one more time ! Everything we do here at Chicago City Escorts is about you …


We can’t say it enough and we Guarantee it !

So come inside , and see for yourself why we are the Best Escort Service in town . 

Remember this !
Your feedback is very important to us here at Chicago City Escorts , so be sure to check out our blog page , and let us know what you think about us as an escort service , our customer service , our selection of girls , and of course your favorite escort in Chicago !
We want you to know that we always welcome your feedback . This helps us in our continuing quest and commitment to remain Chicago’s Best Escort Service .

So, what are you waiting for !

Go ahead !

Pick up the phone.

Call …


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